Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Etsy Love: Marco Suarez

I usually feel very 'meh' about landscape photography. And then I see this. Is it just me, or are these amazing? This brilliance is the work of Marco Suarez, and his little windows to magical lands have changed my mind. No more 'meh'. Okay, okay. I'm just saying, landscape photography never looked so good (sorry, Ansel).


  1. They make me want to see more of those pretty places!

  2. Landscape photography, not unlike books, is really only going to be intriguing if there's something about it that speaks to you. That might be the actual scenery, time of day, mood, season, locale, or character of the piece.

    These all have an interesting hint of drama, and a sublime kind of light.

    And I say this as an illustrator who finds a lot of landscapes to be kind of "eh" — but what really usually bores me to the absolute brink of boredom is straight up portraiture (like classical portrait paintings in general). Ha!

    Everyone has their own tastes : )

  3. Yes, Sarah! So true, I can always appreciate the technical abilities of great artists, but that doesn't stop me from blowing right past them. I guess people experience and connect to things differently. And I love finding something new to connect with:)

  4. This blows my mind. Thank you for the intro.

  5. B E A U T I F U L!

    thanks for sharing these stunning pictures.

  6. nope, not just you. they're gorgeous ;) I think we all maybe just needed a little landscape refresher.



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